June 2015 Y.E.S. Update

Hello to all my friends, donors and family.

Things continue to be very active in many directions at YES. Please let me share a few of the exciting directions we are in.


The house being built for a family of five children left alone since their father died is coming along, although slowly. With a mud house the final coat of cement can not be applied until the mud is completely dry and since it has been a rainy season that has taken some time. Once it is finished the 4 girls and one boy, ages 8 to 17 will have a house with a latrine and kitchen behind. We now need to start checking into buying some furniture such as beds and chairs and table.


Another venture is the construction of a dorm for the boy’s of the Manna Rescue Home. That is coming up very fast and everyone is quite excited to watch it being built. The ministry of Gender did not approve of the boy’s having a dorm in the same building as the girl’s dorm. We are working very hard to comply to all requirements of the ministry. We would love to start some sewing classes in the area of the present boy’s dorm once the new one is finished. “Anyone interested in volunteering to teach sewing and design?”

Our home for HIV positive children has welcomed adoptions of children who have very little family support in Uganda. Most extended families are overwhelmed with orphaned children and if these children are also sick with AIDs that they were born with, they find it almost impossible to be able to care for the medical and nutritional needs of these kids. At this time we are facing a fair amount of controversy concerning adoption because there are many unethical situations in the country with illegal adoptions. I have kept up with every one of my kids who have been adopted and am happy to say that everyone of them are doing great both emotionally and physically. At this stage we just continue to keep abreast of the situation and make sure that we do nothing outside of the law. It is a sad situation.


On an exciting note I am soon expecting the Knapp family to be coming here to assist me in many ways. I often feel a bit overwhelmed and hope that they will be able to step into different jobs within the program. Sponsor relationships, funding coordinator, spiritual advisor and maintenance reviews are just a few of the many positions that I hope they can help with.

YES in numbers

Total number of graduates of YES programmes: 900

Current YES students:

Primary school day: 80
Primary school boarding: 1
Secondary school day: 86
Secondary school boarding: 68
Vocational training: 22
University: 2
Teacher training college: 9
Nursing school: 14

Manna Rescue Home Residents: 30

2015 YES Budget:

Budget for 2015: 670,000,000,Sh ($227,200)

Donations to date: 317,911,044 Sh ($107,800)

Volunteer Vacancies:

English Remedial Teacher From February 2016 – One Year
Seamstress Trainer From September 2015 – Long Term
Potter From January 2016 – Long Term
Maintenance/Handyman From September 2015 – Short term