January 2014

January has been extremely busy as usual. In Uganda the school year starts in February and there are so very many kids who desire school but just can not make it financially. I sometimes feel like all of Western Uganda shows up at my door and it is very hard telling most of them no.
The pictures are a couple of families we are helping. The sweet lady with the smiling kids have a horrible story. Her husband and their dad was wrongly accused of theft and beaten to death. Later it was found out that he was innocent but it is too late. The mom left the area and has no supportive family to help her here. The kids are smart and want to continue school.
The next picture is just to show what most of the mud shacks look like inside. The boy by the small mud shack has been a street kid and a thief but now wants to go to school. We are trying to encourage him and tell him that his stealing days could end his life when he gets older.
The last picture is a group of my program graduates who now have started families and are succeeding in the world. Many came from situations I have just pictured. It is what gives me hope and courage to continue with so many heartbreaking situations.