Helping Hands Around the World

Hello everyone, I am writing this from Denver, CO, USA., where I am staying with the Weiderholt family while waiting for another surgery on my spine. For some reason the work I had in India has broken away from my spine. I just pray that things will be fixed.
The staff back in Uganda are doing a wonderful job running the programs of YES and I am so thankful that I have such good people there.
I want to also convey my huge gratitude to so many sponsors from all over the world. I have spent some time checking just where donors are located. It was exciting to see that you all are in many different states throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy, Chile, and Peru! All of you have changed countless lives around Uganda and given hope to families who had given up on life.

Graduates of the program have given back to their families and communities. Doctor Moses, that I’ve shared about in the past, has built a home for his grandmother back in Fort Portal and Chris Ategeka has taken care of both his grandfather and his deaf, mute grandmother. Chris has also contributed to many communities with motorcycle ambulances, medical busses and three wheeled motorized bikes for physically challenged people that travel deep into the bush where there are no clinics.

Other graduates are now successful school teachers, nurses, carpenters, lawyers, lab technicians and many other positions in the country. One of our boys,who is severely challenged since he suffered with TB of the bone as a child, would have ended up begging on the streets without education, but instead he is a successful lab technician!


As I go to the bank or shopping in town I am often stopped by young men and women who greet me as Aunty, Mom, Grandma and other names. It is such a rewarding experience receiving so much love from so many people.

The love and thanks belong to all of you who have helped and continue helping so so many.

I am hoping my next communication to all of you will again be back home in Uganda. I wish you all a great winter from wherever you are.

With sincere gratitude,