Greetings from Colorado and New Venture Ideas

I am writing this from Grand Junction, Colorado. My trip has been amazing with meeting many friends and making new friends. I have started in Ireland where many dear friends live. The weather was beautiful but the time there was too short. From Ireland I flew to California where I met with more old and new friends and presented my program and dreams to many people. From there I was off to Colorado where I also presented my program but received medical and dental care too. My medical results are promising and although the dental care was painful in the long run I will be in much better shape. There are so so many stories with each visit that would be impossible to share in this blog. Let me now share my newest dream for YES:

The last two pictures are technical drawings from the architect of the proposed vocational center that we plan to construct for the young people of the YES program. Many students finish the secondary and even primary schooling and have no way to make a living in their villages. The Manna Rescue Home kids age out of the home and go home feeling lost with no skills for life. Our vocational school will be able to teach many trades and change many lives giving young people hope for the future. If anyone wants to learn more please feel free to email Jim West  or me at I am excited about this new venture.

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