Garden for Life

Imagine needing to start a garden just to survive!  Many people are finding that to be their reality more and more.  Our staff has identified families that needed this help and we were able to help provide farm tools and seeds. We hired an agriculturalist to do some training as well. After training and evaluation of the land, seeds for potatoes and beans were given to 50 families which will help about 300 people. David (man in striped shirt in the picture) is our incredibly hard working program manager.  This program has just begun and more photos will be available when we have some gardens in progress.

Other ongoing projects we continue to work on are checking on and assisting the students in our program.  When the schools closed in March, they went home to many severe situations. Large numbers of people live in each home and the small jobs that the caregivers had were closed. The families who lived in heavily populated and rough areas were in danger of severe hunger. YES staff spent much time evaluating the home situations for all of our students and providing for their needs.

Some families came to our offices to collect food and other families had food delivered because they were too far to come or had other problems that our staff needed to assist with.

Manna Rescue Home

At the Manna Rescue Home we have learned how to work what is called urban gardening. We hope to be able to grow quite a bit of the daily vegetables for the kids. It is also a very good skill for our young people to learn and feel good about contributing to their needs.

If you would like to help us continue this emergency outreach to people in our community please give here.