Fun at Manna Rescue Home

Schools have been closed in Uganda since March when most of the world was shut down because of the pandemic.  Having a home full of 30 energetic kids isn’t easy but my amazing staff has come up with ways to keep these kids healthy and happy.  Here’s a fun relay race they were doing the other day.

The staff wanted to teach them about team work, encouraging one another, not giving up and how to be ok with not winning.

Wednesdays at MRH

Wednesdays are hand craft days.  The staff at MRH teach the children how to weave baskets, mats, and table mats using their hands.  Here the children are preparing their materials to be used.  First they peel the papyrus reed into strips.

Next they roll the peeled papyrus reed to prepare it for drying.  Then they spread the materials on the ground to dry in the sun.  In about 3 days they will be ready to work with.  We will share their creations in our next update!

Thank you for supporting Manna Rescue Home and the YES Program!