February 2015 Update

Whoa, I am way behind in keeping in touch with all of you. I have just realized that I have not written anything since returning home in June!

I hit the ground running at the program with so many issues and projects and things going on. First, the dreamed of vocational center. The biggest issue other than funding is getting government approval for building on land with the river as a boarder. All the paper work has been done and a very helpful Ugandan has been fantastic with his huge help in writing an environment impact assessment paper for us. The second challenge has been the funding. With funds collected we built a perimeter chain link fence and cleared more of the bush. However it was obvious that without some huge donations we would not be able to realize the dream. At that stage a man from Welthungerhilfe, a German welfare organization who we have been partnering with, suggested that they might be interested in funding the project. Much work and excitement has since gone into planning and writing proposals and by mid March we should know if it will be accepted. Our hopes are high.

Another wonderful offer has been made by an Irish couple who will come here for a year. The husband is a construction engineer who has worked in Africa in past years and his wife is a retired school teacher who is going to work with some of our kids at the rescue home helping them in their weak subjects in school.

Another very exciting news is that there are two families who plan to come here to live here and help with the ongoing running of all aspects of the program. There are so many things going on that even with my wonderful and hardworking staff we never seem to have everything done.

I am sure that I am leaving out many things but these are the big issues and I will try to be better at sending out news more often. I continue to be so grateful to everyone who assists us with donations and prayers.