Creating Sustainability

Greetings from Uganda!  My name is Jacqueline and I have been working with YES for the past 8 months as the Program Assistant.  My passions are in parenting, administration, gardening, career guidance, and events management . I joined YES to assist Carol Adams in day to day administrative work at the office and carry out field visits to the families supported by the program.  I am enjoying the field visits a lot as this has given me a new perspective of life and I have come to appreciate how fortunate I was while growing up and how fortunate my own children are compared to the many I have so far interacted with in the program.

We visit homes of our vulnerable children for continuous assessment of their living conditions and I believe that if we empowered such hard working families, they would be able to improve their living conditions.

Here are a few of those success stories:

Meet Ms Kabatesi Donanto, who is a mother of 5 children. Two of her children are sponsored by YES.

To enable her to take care of her family, YES donated a sewing machine to her in November 2021. From our recent visit, we were happy to discover that she had bought three pigs with the money she had been saving from her sewing works!

This is Ms Happy Jackline. She is a mother of 2 boys, one of whom is supported by YES.

She lives on a 14 decimal plot (quarter of an acre). Because YES is assisting her with her son’s school fees, she has been able to put up a small grocery shop at her home that sells fresh vegetables and firewood. From the income of the shop, she bought two goats which have now multiplied to eight.

Food Security has been a major challenge in the homes of our vulnerable children. However, with the support of YES, one family has shown that the story can be changed gradually.

Ms Kabaloodi Grace, a mother of 4 biological children, who also takes care of 2 of her late brother’s children, lives on a very small piece of land.

YES program supported her with garden tools and seeds for planting in 2020. We were glad to find out that she has continued growing food crops on rented land and been able to feed her children.

She has also been able to improve her house from a mud and wattle hut to a semi-permanent home built with stone and mud.

Skilling the youth. Ninsiima Rosemary had been a weak student and hardly progressing academically. However, YES did not give up on her. She found her passion in tailoring and took on a skilling course. We are excited to see her discover her talents.

Thank you for your continued support to help make these dreams a reality!