Crazy Love

Our Crazy Love ministry has a mission to serve, restore, empower, and strengthen women in Uganda who are HIV+, single mothers. As a result, we will touch the children in their care, through education, and sustainable job creation. We are sisters. We are partners. By working together alongside our sisters we create change and alleviate poverty and injustices in their communities. We believe women are deserving of our effort, attention, love, and respect. Since 2014, 22 women have been empowered with a micro business grant to provide them an opportunity for a sustainable income for their family.



Micro-business grants are an effective strategy for alleviating poverty and empowering women. It’s the promotion of small scale entrepreneurship by extending a grant to the most impoverished, those who would not normally have access to such support.

Our Crazy Love sisters are encouraged to follow their dreams and passions when starting their business. Women who are selected to receive a micro-business grant must meet the qualifications and be motivated to succeed. We have watched our sisters start businesses selling firewood, coffee, groceries, used clothing, shoes, sewing, dairies, traditional bread, small restaurants, and starting small livestock farms. Although our sisters have all experienced challenges they have all shown various levels of success. Some have been able to save money to invest in expanding their business and therefore improving the quality of life for their family.

Crazy Love Africa also has an artisan program where our sisters are paid well for the products they make that are then sold in the United States to benefit the program.  In 2018 a formal artisan training program will begin. Our sisters will start a monthly support circle where they will gather, learn to make skilled crafts, receive business training, HIV education, and emotional support.

Looking for an opportunity to get involved? Crazy Love Africa has a an Ambassador Sister program. We are always looking for women who would like to serve alongside us each year.

If you would like more information regarding the Ambassador Sister program, please email:



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