Busy, but good times continue.

New Boys Dorm!

New Boys Dorm!

Hello again to all my friends and donors from all over the world!

Busy, but good times continue. We had a blessing and ribbon cutting for our new boy’s dorm at the Manna Rescue Home. It was a wonderful day and the kids are so happy with the new dorm.

They always love to show their joy by playing the band instruments that were given to us by the St. John’s youth. That gift has been so wonderful for our home.

The girls are also happy because we are extending their space using half of the old boy’s dorm. The other half will be used to set up our sewing machines and knitting machine where the girls are learning a trade. If anyone would like to give instructions in sewing or design to the kids we would welcome you.

I am still searching desperately for a volunteer teacher for the 2016 school year for about 10 of our kids who have fallen behind in studies. Ellen has really enjoyed teaching these kids this past year but will be leaving us the end of this year.  If anyone has any ideas or organizations I might contact please let me know. I really would appreciate any thoughts. These kids deserve a chance.

Ellen teaching the kids at MRH

Ellen teaching the kids at MRH

We have many other things going on at the same time. The house for the child headed family was finished and the furnishings will be added soon. Third term is well underway with school fees paid to over 60 different schools, along with required extras such as reams of paper, toilet rolls, brooms and others. My field officer David has been putting in long days!

I always love to hear from any of you. It is great keeping up with what is happening in your lives.

My best wishes for God’s blessings to all,