Schooling at the Rescue Home

Hello everyone, Things here are going well with many things happening as always. The first term of school for 2015 is soon getting out and we pray that the kids are doing OK.  Like I mentioned in previous posts, we’ve had a retired school teacher come here to work for a year and work with some of the […]

Manna Rescue Home Sponsorship

Hello Everyone!  It’s been an eventful couple of months for us here at Y.E.S. Ministries! The last couple of months we have been able to enroll over 300 students in over 60 different schools, from Primary to University! Being able to provide these young people with an education is so important. Like I mentioned in […]

February 2015 Update

Whoa, I am way behind in keeping in touch with all of you. I have just realized that I have not written anything since returning home in June! I hit the ground running at the program with so many issues and projects and things going on. First, the dreamed of vocational center. The biggest issue […]

April 2014 Update and Travel

Hello Everyone I am sorry about having been a bit quiet these days. It is not because we are not doing much, it is more that we are doing a lot. I am heading out on April 25th for a rather extended awareness raising trip. I plan to present detailed plans for the new vocational […]

January 2014

January has been extremely busy as usual. In Uganda the school year starts in February and there are so very many kids who desire school but just can not make it financially. I sometimes feel like all of Western Uganda shows up at my door and it is very hard telling most of them no. […]

A story of two farmers

With seeds and training by the HALISK–Welthungerhelf project that partnered with us these two ladies are going to be able to earn money to support their families. Cabbage and onions sell well here. The lady with the onions is physically challenged but it has not discouraged her. Many others also are learning how to farm […]

September 2013 News

Hello everyone, It has been a very long time since I last blogged. I had surgery on June 8th with two discs being removed in my neck and replaced with plastic and then two flat bars were screwed between C 5 to C7. It has been a remarkable surgery and I am now much stronger […]