Emergency Relief

Uganda is suffering. We’ve been in a lock down for about a month now and people are getting desperate. Many people have visited my office asking for food and we’ve been able to help those needs. The lockdown has been very difficult for many whose daily support came from small shops, teachers, and taxi drivers […]

Schools Closed Again

We were all so happy here to have students heading back to school on June 7th and we were busy at the office distributing school supplies and other school needs to the many students we assist here. On Friday the 4th, Geoffrey traveled to all 17 schools with lists of fees that were paid at the […]

Schools are reopening

Great news! After almost a year of schools being closed for most students, Uganda is now allowing three more classes back to school in March and about mid April the rest of the classes are expected to return to school! Our kids need to be in school!  Thankfully, the kids at Manna Rescue Home have been staying […]

Manna Rescue Home

Happy New Year everyone! We all hope 2021 will be better than 2020 even though it’s off to a rough start. In Uganda we have elections on the 14th of this month and we pray that they do not turn violent. We are also confused concerning what is next for schools and life here in […]

Thank You!

Thank You! Because of your generous donations we were able to feed 575 people the week of Christmas!  We identified 115 of the most needy families and our staff worked hard to distribute it.  Each family received 100 pounds of maize flour, 50 pounds of cassava flour, 25 pounds of beans, 25 pounds of rice, 5 […]

Garden for Life

Imagine needing to start a garden just to survive!  Many people are finding that to be their reality more and more.  Our staff has identified families that needed this help and we were able to help provide farm tools and seeds. We hired an agriculturalist to do some training as well. After training and evaluation of […]

Love in Action

Thank You! Because of the many restrictions that continue here in Uganda during this pandemic, people aren’t able to make money the way they used to. Many people here make small amounts of money in a day that will put some food in their family’s bellies. The harsh reality of people starving is becoming more […]

Emergency Food Distribution

  I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have felt during this time to help us provide so many vulnerable families with food! There have been generous donations from within Uganda as well as outside donations. This video shows some of the food supply we were recently able to purchase and […]

Changes in Uganda

Hello to all my friends and supporters around the world, I pray that this letter finds you staying safe and healthy and managing the challenges being faced. Here in Uganda we are used to facing many challenges but I fear the changes that this pandemic will ripple across the globe. As many of you know, […]