Amaani Rwenzori!

Hello everyone,
I realize that it was not long ago when I sent out a newsletter but I have exciting good news that I wanted to share. The German Welthungerhilfe proposal for a project for vocational training has passed after it was re-submitted. It is called a youth empowerment center that is named Amaani Rwenzori! and it is offering vocational training as the core of the project. The German organization will be running it with constructing the buildings and setting up all of the administration with permits and curriculums and everything needed and at the end of these three years the project will revert back to YES.

The boy’s dorm is reaching the roofing stage and we are all quite happy with the progress. With generous donations from a German organization and some Irish, British and American donors the construction of the dorm is fully funded. We hope to now plan on adding solar lighting as well as an outside latrine and bathing area as funding permits. We are so grateful to so many generous people who continue assisting us with these projects.

We are now searching for a volunteer with teaching abilities who would like to work with our kids at the Manna Rescue Home who have had challenges in public school. They have not learned basic English and math skills and have become lost in the higher levels of primary school. We hope to find someone who would be able to teach for the full school year that runs from February 2016 to Early December. We will provide housing and food for this person and during the term holidays there will be ample time for Safaris to National Parks.
Short term mission groups are also always welcome and we always will have projects that they could do. If there are any interest groups please feel free to email us for any information.
I wish all of you with kids at home a wonderful summer holiday time.
Always with much gratitude, Carol