Amaani Rwenzori

Amaani Rwenzori !

  • Second project in cooperation with the german NGO Welthungerhilfe.
  • Vocational Training for school dropouts
  • Recognised training and certificated with the Worker’sPAS

This projects provides a second chance for those who dropped out of school or failed first education. A recognised on-the-job training in a variety of vocations enables them to make a living on their own.



Amaani Rwenzori ! is our second project in cooperation with the german NGO Welthungerhilfe. We are currently constructing a Youth Development Centre. Being the headquarter of this project it will provide workshops for our trainees as well as classrooms and administrative structures. Surrounded by Ugandans beautiful nature our cafe and handcraft shop at the Centre will welcome both tourists and locals. The construction works will be completed in August 2016 and two months later the first load of trainees can start their training. The project will be a continuation and extension of the Vocational Training element from HALISK.

Who are our beneficiaries?
The projects focusses on the youth. In specific it is targeting school dropouts and those who failed first education. Many of our beneficiaries are coming from child-headed households or failed education due to early pregnancy or a lack of resources to pay for the school fees. As in our other projects we are going to invest the situation at the homes of the applicants for the training. Considering their background history and current situation we will start the training with those who show motivation and passion for any of our offered vocations.

What are our activities?
The main goal of Amaani Ruwenzori ! is the provision of a vocational training for about 60 youth per load. As in the HALISK project we are working together with local workshops and trainers. After construction is completed we are also qualify youth within our Centre which will be the venue of lifeskill-education and additional training in entrepreneurship.

We aim for the Centre to become a knowledge hub where youth are working together and can develop to their full potential. The project will create new businesses and employment. We believe that a non-formal education can give a second chance to the Ugandan youth. 

The trainings take place in workshops from a variety of vocations. We qualify welders, hairdressers, carpenters, electrical installers, car and motorcycle mechanics and tailors. In our Centre we are going to train in handcraft manufacturing, making pottery, beautician work and tailoring. The training takes about six months and is completed with a practical test put into practice by government authorities. 

Our graduates will receive the Worker’sPAS. This certificate is recognised within the Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework. They will be listed in the database of pass-holders and employers can identify them within potential candidates for a vacancy. In addition we strongly encourage our graduates to consider self-employment. Many start-ups from the latest HALISK graduates are running successfully and create employment. We are supporting entrepreneurship not only financially but with trainings in any related and needed qualifications.

How does our work looks like?
Check out our gallery to get an impression of Amaani Rwenzori ! construction and ongoing trainings within the HALISK project.